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Welcome to SENTEST Instruments website (hereafter referred to as the “Website”). To facilitate your safe use of all services and information of the Website, the following privacy protection policy of the Website is described in detail for your reference. To protect your rights and benefits, please read the following content carefully:

Applicable Scope of Privacy Protection Policy

The privacy protection policy content includes how the Website handles your personal identity data collected during your use of the website service. The privacy protection policy is not applicable to relevant website links outside of the Website, and it is also not applicable to the personnel entrusted or participating in administration of this Website.

Collection, Handling and Utilization Method of Personal Information

  • When you conduct business on the Website or participate in the activities of the Website, we will request you to provide necessary personal information depending upon the property of the business of activity, and we will also handle and utilize your personal information within particular scope of purpose. Unless your written consent is obtained, the Website does not use your personal information for other purposes.

  • During your use the interactive functions of the service mailbox, questionnaire survey etc. on the Website, the name, email address, contact method and usage time provided by you are retained.

  • During normal browsing, the server would self-record relevant paths, including the IP address of the connection equipment, usage time, browser used, browsing and selecting data records etc., in order to be used as a reference for improving our website service, and such records are for internal applications only, which are restricted from distributing to the external.

Protection of Data

  • The mainframes of the Website are equipped with all types of relevant information security equipment and necessary security protective measures of firewalls, anti-virus system etc. in order to further protective the website and to implement strict protective measures on your personal information such that only the authorized personnel are permitted to access your personal information, and all relevant handling personnel are signed with confidentiality agreement in such a way that for those in violation of the obligation of confidentiality, such personnel shall be subject to relevant legal liability.

  • If there is a need to entrust other units to provide services due to business needs, the Website would also strictly request such units to fulfill the obligation of confidentiality and to adopt necessary inspection procedure in order to ensure such unit to follow the procedure.

Relevant External Links of the Website

The webpages of the Website provides website links to other websites, and you may click the links provided by the Website to enter other websites. However, the privacy protection policy of the Website is not applicable to such linked websites, and you would need to refer to the privacy protection policy in the linked website for further protections.

Policy on Sharing Personal Information with a Third Party

The Website is restricted from providing, exchanging, leasing or selling any of your personal information to any other individuals, groups, private enterprises or official agencies; however, for those specified according to the laws or contract obligations, such restriction does not apply.

The proviso in the preceding paragraph includes but not limited to the following:

  • Upon your written consent.

  • According to requirements set forth in legal regulations.

  • To eliminate harms to your life, body, freedom or property.

  • Necessary for public interests on statistics or the purpose of academic research conducted by a government agency or an academic research institution, respectively, and the information may not lead to the identification of a specific person after its processing by the provider, or from the disclosure by the collector.

  • When your action on the website is in violation of the service rules or may be damaging or hindering the website as well as the rights and benefits of other users such that any other people is suffered from damages, it is considered by the website management unit that the disclosure of your personal information is necessary for identification, contact or performing legal actions.

  • Such use is advantageous to your rights and benefits.

  • When the Website entrusts contracted party to assist in collecting, handling or using your personal information, the contracted party shall be supervised and managed to act in due care of such personal information.

Revision of Privacy Protection Policy

The privacy protection policy of the Website may be revised at any time according to the actual needs, and the revised terms and conditions are to be published on the website.

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