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SENTEST announce the latest portable infrared thermometer NP15 series

SENTEST proudly announced the latest NP15 series portable infrared thermometers, for long range, high temperature and small objects. NP15 series of noncontact infrared thermometer in accordance with industry standards to meet the needs of our customers, provides a wide temperature range from -30 to 1800°C (-22~3272°F), high resolution ratio 120:1(D:S) delivers superior optical performance, CF models can focus on small 1mm object. NP15 series provide excellent high accuracy and fast responding time.

NP15 series of noncontact infrared thermometer has a big LCD display and easy to operate buttons to switch and set up parameters, fast response time and 2,000 data logging capacity. NP15 also has dual laser aiming points, which the user can point the object more accurately. Well suited for individual industries temperature measuring.

NP15 high temperature(H1/H2/H3)series are designed for iron, steel, metal refining, casting, heat treatment, high frequency heating…etc., metal processing industries and for cement, glass, ceramic, semiconductor or all kinds of high temperature furnace measuring. Close Focus (CF) lens can focus on an object of 1mm and accurately measure a very small electronic component or precise metal part. Long Range (LR) model has superior resolution optical lens and high distance to spot ratio (D:S), can measure the temperature of the object at great distances. NP15 series are ideal for unreachable joints and connections in electrical equipments, can detect the fault or failure points earlier, reduces risks of costly accidents and minimizing repair costs and prevent the accidents to ensure the safety of the operator.

With the NP15 series of noncontact infrared thermometer, can control the quality of manufacturing effectively, improve the productivity and performances, reduce the waste of energy and manufacturing costs , minimizing labor and maintenance expend. NP15 series provide the best solutions to the factory.

NP15 equipped a USB communication interface which can connect the computer and use STonline software quickly stores the memories of NP15 temperature data and display the temperature curve in PC. The NP15 can be mounted on a tripod as a temporarily online infrared thermometer continuing measure the temperature of objects.

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